Xkglow Three Mode LED Neon Underglow Lights

What are the ledglow underbody light kits for?

LEDGlow’s Underbody Light Kits are designed for the underbody of your car or truck and feature LED lighting in your choice of either a single or multi-color kit. Add-on options are available as well, giving you the ability to expand your underbody kit and also connect to front-end, wheel well and interior lighting kits.

Who is the authorized distributor of streetglow neon?

New Level Motor Sports is an authorized distributor and retailer of Streetglow neons , Streetglow undercar kits, and Streetglow Interior Neon / LED products. When it comes to Streetglow, we’ve got the knowledge, the stock, and the reputation that you’re looking for.

What kind of LED lighting does ledglow use?

LEDGlow’s Expandable SMD LED Interior Lighting Kits feature SMD technology which produces a powerful illumination by utilizing high powered SMD LEDs.

Can a ledglow control box be connected to a car?

LEDGlow’s Bluetooth-enabled kits allow you to integrate each light kit’s control box with the LEDGlow Automotive Control App through the use of your smartphone’s Bluetooth signal. Essentially, by connecting the kit to your existing Android or iOS, you will have complete control of your LED light strips, interior lights and wheel well lights.


Light means different things to different people. It’s a very relative topic to discuss cause of its broad spectrum. With underglow kits, we’re not just talking about regular light, every car has headlights, turn-indicator lights and brake lights. Individuals who want more, require light for different reasons. Regardless of the purpose, the Blue Three Mode LED Undercar Neon Accent Light Kits delivers the extra glow users are looking for. It comes in a single vibrant color – Blue. This may be a very peaceful color but it’s equally very bold. For individuals who just love this powerful yet calming color, it comes also in an 8pc set.

The strips are extra slim to ensure they can be fixed in practically anywhere under the cars frame. All the hardware required for a simple installation is provided to ensure it’s fixed in securely. The 24 inch tubes can be placed side by side or even behind the wheels because of how flexible they are. They have also been improved to ensure they can withstand dust and water alike. It can be very distraught when rain or snow gets in the way of an amazing road experience. Stay on the grid with this reliable 8pc three mode Led undercar lights.


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