Rainguard International Micro Concrete Driveway Sealer

Which is the best Rainguard micro seal for porous surfaces?

You can edit your question or post anyway. Please enter a question. Rainguard CR-0356 micro-seal ready to use for porous surfaces 1 gallon – micro-seal silane siloxane penetrating waterproof sealer sets the industry benchmark for waterproofing protection.

Where can I get a Rainguard Water sealer?

Need help with your order? Give us a call 800-272-4647. Now! It’s Back! Wet-Look is Here and Better than Ever. Why Stop At the garage?

How long does a rain guard micro seal last?

Micro-Seal is for interior or exterior, vertical or horizontal, unpainted surfaces and lasts up to 10 years. Blok-Lok is for interior or exterior, vertical, unpainted surfaces and lasts up to 5 years. can you use any brand hand air pump sprayer with the rain guard micro seal? Yes, you can use any brand.

What kind of water repellent is rain guard?

RainGuard Micro-Seal Silane / Siloxane Water Repellent is an invisible clear penetrating water repellent that is non-yellowing, low odor, zero VOC, and non-toxic. It is formulated to not be affected by weathering, salt, dirt, freezing temperatures, UV light, and wind-driven rain, among many other damaging elements.


We always like a guarantee with the products we choose and the Rain Guard cement sealer certainly delivers on this front, offering an amazing 10 year satisfaction guaranteed warranty. This is a deep penetrating sealant that is 100% breathable and water repellent. If you’re looking for a penetrating concrete sealer that will not leave a trace, then this is your perfect product.

This solution does not alter the appearance of the concrete surface in any way and won’t leave a film or sheen. It’s also non-yellowing. What it does do is create an invisible protective layer that is stain resistant to oil, gas and antifreeze. It’s protects against salt water and rain and is perfect for protection against mold and mildew.


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