CIVIBIKES Vintage Electric Bike Fat Tire

What makes a CIVI bike a fat tire?

The Civi Bikes Cheetah fat tire electric bike has rigid forks made from steel, which helps absorb some of the vibration from the road. The fat tires also help act as a sort of suspension as they h ave a large air volume that soaks up some of the bumps and jolts from the road.

How much does a CIVI bikes Cheetah electric bike cost?

The Civi Bikes Cheetah fat tire electric bike has a 1 year comprehensive warranty. Starting at $2,399, the Civi Bikes Cheetah fat tire electric bike enters into the mid tier price point for electric bikes.

Where does CIVI bikes get their bikes from?

We aim to distribute the best electric bicycles at affordable prices. In 2017, an office and warehouse were setup in Southern California and started CIVI BIKES. Attracted by California’s beautiful scenery, an awesome bike culture, we are now living the true American dream.

Are there any electric fat tire ebikes available?

Fat tire ebikes might be perfect for you. These rugged and unusually looking rides are not exclusive for off- roaders anymore. Electric fat tire bikes are all the rage as more and more riders realize their versatility and practicality in almost any weather or situation.


The DJ Folding Electric Bike is a sleek and innovative approach to an electric fat tire bike. This bike is foldable, making it easily compact and convenient to use. Its foldable technology also ensures that it doesn’t take up too much space, making it a great option for when storage space is limited. This e-bike also has a very powerful removable battery that can be dismounted from the bike and easily charged anywhere. The battery also features a power saving design that prevents it from being overcharged. With its quiet yet durable motor, accessible headlights and shock absorption feature, this bike is perfect for anyone who appreciates good product value.


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