Capri Tools Automatic Wire Stripper & Cutter

What makes Capri tools premium in the USA?

The Depths for All Applications. Work Efficiently. Made in USA. The Ultimate Craftsmanship. Premium Products. Excellence Service. Add a Mystery Grab Bag to your purchase for only $9.99. Be the first to know about new releases and promotions. You don’t want to miss. With orders $25 or more!

What do you use to strip copper wire?

Chemical wire stripper: Chemicals are used to dissolve the insulation to expose the metal inside the wire. This can be a highly toxic process and you have to make sure you dispose of the waste in a proper manner. Thermal copper wire stripper: Thermal strippers use flame or heated blades to remove insulation.

Is there a way to strip 36 AWG wire?

The swivel knob micro-adjusts to strip wires smaller than 26 AWG and crimps insulated and non-insulated terminals from 10-22 AWG. It’s constructed of durable nickel and chromium steel and includes a wire cutter, making it an overall more versatile tool. Will this strip 36 AWG wire? No.

What are the features of a wire cutter?

It has all the essential features in a compact, light-weight design. You can strip wires from 24-10 AWG, cut wires, and shear through 6-32 and 8-32 screws. The serrated nose allows you to pull, bend, and shape wires. It also comes with a coiled spring action set up combined with an ergonomic curved handle.


Our next item is this wire stripper from Capri Tools. It is another that boasts a slightly different style of design. This is very much the modern styling of wire cutter, making use of tough and light plastic in its construction.

That design makes it very light, barely 5 ounces in weight. It is also small and narrow, making it perfect for use in tight space. The fact it has a single hand, single motion operation also helps in using the tool in confined areas.

This wire cutter is of an automatic, self-adjusting design. It frankly could not be simpler to use either, pop the wire in, clamp down and strip. Nice and easy.


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