AXO Commuter Backpack

What do you do with a commuter backpack?

Commuter backpacks give you the freedom to travel to work or school in comfort and style. Get some miles into your legs before you punch the clock with a walk or bike ride into the city. Or cram onto a crowded bus or subway car without fear of damaged gear.

What should I pack in my JanSport backpack?

Pack your 15 inch laptop in a laptop sleeve and your sense of adventure in the other with our packs for any purpose. Plus, functional extras will help you go the distance. Our commuter backpacks are built with media in mind so you can protect your tech while on the move.

What to pack in a Miir commuter bag?

The MiiR Commuter has been given an adjustable roll-top to cover the main compartment. This can be extended or shortened quickly to help keep your load secure no matter how full the bag is. Inside you will find a padded laptop pocket for up to a 15” laptop, similar to most other commuter bags.

What can you do with a bike backpack?

Though it’s built for bike commuters, the backpack is versatile, making it great for other purposes and activities, such as travel, work, school, and even hiking.


The AXO Commuter Backpack includes a spacious inner pocket that is large enough to hold a standard helmet. The bag is made from heavy-duty nylon and features large tooth plastic zippers on all the major pockets. It is designed with rider comfort in mind and has a padded back and padded shoulder straps. As well as the main pocket the bag has enclosed saddle bag pockets and side mesh pockets. It also has sliding webbing adjustment straps and belts to help you create the perfect fit.


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