EPIKGO Hover Self-Balance Board For Kids

Is the epikgo a good hoverboard for kids?

EPIKGO is highly recommended for anyone that wants a true commuting hoverboard, or a super sturdy and Powerful hoverboard for their kids, especially if you are limited on concrete. These are a little pricey, but you definitely get what you pay for, and we are extremely happy!

What is the epikgo classic self balancing scooter?

Introducing EPIKGO Classic Self Balance Board EPIKGO is far from average, it’s the next generation of electrical self-balancing board technology. Recently the hover balance board industry took the world by storm as it showed a new innovative form of transportation. Unfortunately, this new wave of technology came with a few issues of its own.

Where can I get hoverboards in New Zealand?

Besides delivering all across New Zealand, we also offer express delivery for tens of other countries across the world. Choosing the right hoverboard can be a tricky task, but not after you land on Hoverboards NZ. We have a huge collection of hoverboards that will fit the bill for you no matter your needs or preferences.

What kind of device is a hoverboard?

Hoverboards are two wheeled electric devices that function like powered skateboards. These are self balancing portable scooters, which consists of a platform on which the rider stands between two wheels. Lately, hoverboards have become very popular among teenagers as well as adults.


The Epikgo Hoverboard is very safe and features an exciting design. It is designed to provide smooth rides on different terrains. The significant parts of this hoverboard are made with alloy metals. For maximum operation, this unit comes with a 400W dual motor, rubber wheels, and an LG battery that can work for an extended period without any issues. It’s meant for children aged 13 and older.

If you wish to use a hoverboard that can take you whenever you please, it climbs all the slopes without much effort and covers a vast area in a shorter period.


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