Hi-Lift Jack ORB Off-Road Base


This base is a must-have when it comes to hi lift jack accessories – it’s a simple but effective device which mitigates jack sinkage on softer surfaces. The Hi Lift jack mount is equipped with serrated teeth on one of its side, to give the best possible grip, while its rugged design is built to last. The teeth have the additional function of scraping away loose dirt and gravel, to provide an improved surface for jacking. The base is versatile too, being compatible with all Hi-Lift jacks.

As well as being tough, this jack mount is convenient to carry and use. A drilled hole in the centre of the base allows it to be stored with ease on the jack bar, while the light weight design won’t slow you down.

Overall, the Hi Lift jack base gives you the strength and stability required to get your car out of a tight spot with confidence.


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