Vision Groholski Frankenstein Reissue Skateboard Deck

Are there any old school Vision Skateboards left?

Nowadays old school vision skateboards still have a loyal following. They also have produced a series of dope reissue decks even better than the originals due to improvements in gluing and pressing technology.

Who is the founder of Vision Skateboards?

Vision was founded in 1978 by Mark Gonzales, one of the great pioneers of street skateboarding. They also produce streetwear under the name (wait for it) Vision Street Wear. Vision is still known today for their top performing gear and they continue to produce old school decks in all shapes and sizes.

Is the vision Psycho stick based on a real person?

The Vision Psycho Stick is based on a real person who used to work for Vision. He used to walk around the studio in the same kind of glasses and once this board came out, he was idolized by local kids who lived near. The deck also featured on the front cover of the INXS album. Vision Original Psycho Stick Reissue Skateboard Deck 10″x30″

Is there a vision limited edition skate deck?

US Bombs Vision Limited Edition Skate deck Duane Peters 2006ish. Brand New!! Only 1 left!


The Vision Groholski Frankenstein Reissue Skateboard Deck features a cool and edgy Groholski Frankenstein graphics that is sure to catch everyone’s eye at the skatepark. This skateboard deck is made with 7 ply bamboo wood that provides you as the rider with the type of riding flexibility that you didn’t even know you needed. Its strong and sturdy wood gives you much needed stability as you ride, and its slightly concave structure delivers the right amount of control that is perfect for performing tricks when skating.

With this skateboard deck, you get amazing foot placement coupled with a high level of control. This reissue deck is great for street freestyling, as it gives you the flexibility and bendability that is necessary to stick the landing on your skating stunts. The deck has been produced as a replica to the original vision boards and is manufactured by the same company that made the originals, still proudly in the united states. Plus these decks are a lot more affordable than the originals.


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