Autofiber Zeroedge Detailing Towel

Which is the best microfiber towel for detailing?

The best microfiber towels for detailing tend to have a 70/30 mix of polyester and polyamide and a GSM somewhere between 300-400. A 16″x16″ towel is a great size for general detailing. Stick with well known brands like The Rag Company, Autofiber, and Microfiber Madness.

What kind of towels can I use to detail my car?

Microfiber towels are made of the finest material you can use to detail your vehicle. Microfiber towels are entirely manmade of polyester and polyamide, which give microfiber towels incredible strength and durability. Not only that, microfiber towels can be woven to suit different jobs, like polishing, drying, and buffing.

Can a microfiber towel be used to remove car wax?

Go with a thicker microfiber towel for removing car wax or polish. Also, make sure to wash them away from your clothes since the colors do tend to run. While it’s not a microfiber towel, we wanted to include the Mighty Cleaner shammy cloth as a good vehicle drying alternative.

What do you need to know about microfiber in detailing?

Microfiber is the substance of detailing that aids in crafting your vehicle’s finish to perfection. The thought of it being just another type of fabric in the textile world is an understatement for the drastic difference it’s made in the detailing world. Microfiber is complex and a game changer in elevating your shine potential to the next level.


There’s a reason why Autofiber’s Zeroedge Detailing Tower is slowly making its way towards the collective consciousness of serious car owners and detailers. Unlike conventional microfiber towels for cars that come with edging, Zeroedge offers one continuous cleaning surface to really eliminate the risk of scratching your car’s delicate surfaces. Edgings usually create a thicker section on the cleaning cloth. This can exert undue pressure on surfaces, leaving certain marks that may or may not be visible.

At the very least, Autofiber’s Zeroedge construction helps guarantee that your surfaces will remain as pristine as the day you first bought it. The fibers follow a more cleaning-efficient split fiber design and are constructed of dual pile combination of polyamide and polyester at a ratio of 1:4. It’s available in 5 colors to suit the owner’s personality or match his other cleaning tools as well.


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