Motopower Battery Terminal Connectors

What kind of batteries does a motopower Charger use?

MOTOPOWER MP00205A 12V 800mA Fully Automatic Battery Charger/Maintainer for Cars, Motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, Powersports, Boat and More. Smart, Compact and Eco Friendly [ Compact, Smart & Durable ] – It can charge all types of 12V lead-acid batteries, including flooded or sealed maintenance free batteries (AGM…

How are battery terminals wired on a motorcycle?

Battery Cables and terminals at the relay and Horn are crimped and soldered, then sealed with adhesive lined shrink tube where needed, all crimps are factory quality with shrink tube when needed for additional strain relief.

How do you hook up a battery on a motorcycle?

Attach the positive cable, then hook up that negative cable. Triple check that you have the correct cable going to the right terminal. Failure to do this can cause fried electrical components, popped fuses, and general heartache. If you are not sure, stop and ask, because this is a potentially expensive mistake to make.

Is the MotoMaster quick disconnect battery terminal available online?

Did you mean ? – results. SHOP SAFELY. SHOP YOUR WAY. This store is currently not accepting online orders. choose another store. Don’t see your store? The store you’re shopping in has changed. MotoMaster Quick Disconnect Ba… This product carries a 1 year exchange warranty redeemable in-store.


Fed up of being let down by underwhelming lead terminals? We encourage you to spend just a little more money to end up with a product you can trust. MOTOPOWER’s Battery Connectors as functional as they are fantastic. Don’t worry though, they’re not as expensive as they look – these golden items are actually constructed of Brass Zinc alloy to facilitate optimal conductivity.

 The terminals can fit all 4 to 6-gauge wires and rated for 500 amps continuous 800 surge at 12 volts. And if you’re not already swooning, their Quick Release design is what makes them most irresistible. Simply attach the connectors to the battery terminals by clamping down and lift the caps to remove them from the battery terminals. Plus, although the clamping force is very low, the connectors grip firmly on the terminal posts in a tight, secure fashion. As reliable as they come, MOTOPOWER’s product is a way to take back control of your terminals.


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