MAXLER JEAN Men’s Bike Motorcycle Jeans

Are there any men’s biker jeans for men?

All it takes to go from average to trendy is a pair of biker jeans in men’s styles. Fashion Nova has dozens of men’s biker jeans for sale, ranging in wash from light blue to black — and everything in between. What are biker jeans for men?

Which is the best brand of jeans for a motorcycle?

Also see How To Choose The Best Motorcycle Jeans a helpful guide for buying jeans and other pants for motorcycle riding. MAXLER JEANS are our number one pick for the best motorcycle riding jeans. They offer a slim stylish design without skipping some of the necessary protection points.

How big are the pockets on biker jeans?

They feature things like faux pockets at the waist, five actual pockets, moto shirring details, cotton and spandex blend, and an inseam around 31-32 inches. If you’re not sure how to style your new biker jeans, here are some ideas for rocking your denim.

What kind of jeans do Harley Davidson riders wear?

As a Harley-Davidson rider, you understand the importance of quality, style, and tradition, and our men’s jeans deliver on all three points. Whether you are looking for men’s jeans for riding, work, or a night out on the town, we have you covered with our denim men’s jeans.


These stylish Maxler Kevlar motorcycle jeans are a fantastic pick for serious motorcyclists and combine incredible quality with awesome style. The outer shell is made from super flexible spandex fabric that won’t hinder your mobility when you ride. These jeans come with attachable knee protectors that you can adjust according to your height. Thus, you can tailor this item to fit your unique needs and this offers you extra protection if impact ensues and if you want to wear the jeans casually, you can simply take the knee protectors out. Kevlar is used in the hip and knee to add extra strength and safety to this product. These gorgeous riding jeans come in eight different sizes from 28 to 42 and are made for a diverse range of shapes and sizes. Users have commended this brand on its great quality, user comfort, and stylish fit. While safety and practicality are of great concern, you’ve also got to look the part and these jeans will certainly give you that edgy biker look.


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