CHN FW-1 Front Wheel Motorcycle Stand


While the CHN FW-1 Front Wheel Stand looks quite simple and slim tubed, it is made from heavy-duty steel construction that reinforces its tenacity and capacity to safely and securely keep your bike in position while you work on it. It is quite easy to assemble so it won’t much to figure out. Its long and sturdy build makes it easier to grip and pull down when lifting the bike up and with a phenomenal capacity to fold out conveniently, it provides an easy and user-friendly setting up process. This allows the motorbike to be securely lifted by the front steering head tube.

During all necessary repairs, it is vital to have enough access to the front of the bike in order to adequately reach all target areas and the CHN FW-1 front stand ensures you enjoy maximum access when maintenance, cleaning and tire changes are on-going. As it comes with lift pins in the five most different and common sizes and four wheels that keep the stand stable and secure, this allows for easy removal of the front forks.


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