On The Go Portable RV Water Softener

What kind of water softener do I need for my RV?

This is a small water softener that you can use for the home or as a portable unit for RV’s or caravans. It is a double standard softener and conditioner, which produces twice as many gallons as the standard model. You should also note that this is the largest compact RV softener on the market.

Can you use a water softener on the go?

Even in the smallest spaces, we can use the On the Go water softener because it is compact and solid. So aside from making us up to 16,000 gallons of soft water, it can also fit even tight spaces. There are also unique features of this water softener.

Which is the best softening system for RVs?

Best RV Soft Water Systems Flow Pur RV Pro 10000 Softener. Salt-Based Softening System. Like the previous model, this Flow Pur RV water softener is also a salt-based system that effectively removes hard ions from the water inside of your motorhome or smaller apartment. It’s based on the ion exchange process where salt ions are removing hard ions.

Which is the best portable water softener for home use?

We are the leading developer of easy to use portable water softeners and water deionizers. Our products can help you achieve spot-free rinses for windows and vehicles, high-purity water for labs and manufacturing, and soft water for your RV, boat, spa, hot tub, or tiny house.


This is an impressive water softener and conditioner that has a larger flow rate than other softeners and causes little drop in water pressure. The compact design means that it will fit perfectly into any RV storage locker but could also be used in a boat. The water softener has a capacity of 16,000 grains, and it can be regenerated using two boxes of common table salt. The process takes less than 30 minutes and lasts for up to 40 days, which is 1,600 gallons of softened water.

The unit is made from high-grade premium resin and features a 360-degree swivel so that it is easy to install on the inlet hose. This is a device that has been built to make transportation easy – it has a useful carrying handle on the top and a cap and plug to prevent leaks. Regeneration is easy thanks to the wide mouth opening.


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