Powell-Peralta Skateboard Flight Deck


Experience the incredible strength of a skate deck with the Powell-Peralta Skateboard Flight Deck. This skate deck is a flight deck, a kind of deck known for being thinner, stronger and lighter than even a 7 ply deck. This deck pushes the limits of what you thought you could achieve on a skateboard so much so that within just an hour or two of using it, you begin to realize that with the Powell-Peralta, you can push your skating boundaries far beyond your expectations and ride and perform tricks in ways which you never would have thought that you could.

This flight deck is so thin that it is as thin as your phone. However, do not be deceived because it is also amazingly strong, having been able to withstand several break tests. It is also very light, similar in that way to a 7 ply deck, and the epoxy infused fiber reinforced structure of the deck makes this skate deck very resistant to shock and breaking while giving it an everlasting pop that doesn’t fade even as the deck slowly wears after consistent use, making this deck a long lasting investment.


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