California Car Duster 62442 with Wooden Handle

Where can I find the original California Duster?

The Original California Duster fits easily into the trunk of your car, and can be stored in the carrying case provided. It is truly effortless to clean your car’s surface, as the duster is lightweight and easy to hold. Versatility. We’ve mentioned cars, trucks, and boats that benefit from using The Original California Car Duster.

What kind of brush is a California Duster made of?

The California duster is made from cloth with a wood handle. It’s kind of like a shoe shining brush with a handle and no bristles. The long rectangular head has cloth noodles attached to it like a mop.

What are the benefits of using a California car Duster?

Experience the benefits of using California car dusters. These products are an easy way to keep your vehicle free of dirt, dust and debris while maintaining the scratch-free integrity of your exterior paint.

How big is the handle on a car Duster?

The whole duster is about 6 inches long. The handle is molded to be comfortable to hold. The duster is intended for detailing. The design of this particular car duster ensures that it can grab dust from all sides. The noodles are plush and longish, so they don’t miss much.


If you are looking for a duster that has a more traditional brush shape, then consider the California Car Duster 62442 Standard Car Duster. The duster comes complete with a wooden handle and 100% cotton mop head. The head is treated with a special paraffin wax that is designed to remove dust from surfaces, rather than simply moving it around. The duster is ideal for larger surfaces and is guaranteed not to scratch painted exterior surfaces.


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