HWK Men’s Overpants Motorcycle Pants

How are HWK motorcycle pants for men removable?

GIGANTIC MICRO-MESH air vents can be used after removing the waterproof rain pants liner for tons of air-flow. CE ARMORED (REMOVABLE) knees and hip protectors for impact protection motorcycle pants mens. Advanced reinforced poly-fabric 600D and 1000D textile outer-shell for abrasion resistance.

What can HWK cargo pants be used for?

ALL-PURPOSE mens cargo pants can be used for all types of everyday travelling or working routines. These can also be used as motorcycle overpants with trousers and jeans. HWK is a newly established brand by motorcyclists for motorcyclists.

How much does it cost for HWK riding pants?

They’re currently $49 for the pants. Their sizing chart is accurate for the pants at least. I love them. I wear gym shorts on underneath, and carry a pair of low-top chucks or sandals in a tailbag if i plan to take them off (shorts and motorcycle boots is silly, after all).

What kind of pants are used in motocross?

At that time a new sport called motocross was establishing itself. Alpinestars makes a massive range of motorcycle pants from traditional leather motorcycle pants to lightweight mesh motorcycle pants and everything in between.


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