Yutrax 78-inch Tri-Fold XL ATV Ramps

What are the dimensions of a yutrax loading ramp?

The lightweight Yutrax TX103 tri-fold aluminum ramp provides extra strength and portability. The high load capacity provides peace of mind when loading virtually any cargo. Weighs only 28 pounds, with a weight capacity of 1,750 pounds. Open dimensions are 69 inches long by 50 inches wide.

How big is a tri fold loading ramp?

The RevArc HD ramp from Bosski is a tri-fold ramp with an arc design that is wide enough (64 inches) for the side-by-sides and long enough (90 inches) to provide easy loading. The RevArc weighs 48 pounds and is made from TIG-welded 6016-T6 aluminum for a 2,100-lb. load capacity.

How big is a folding arch ATV ramp?

The YuTrax TX107 aluminum folding arch ATV ramp from Ardisam is engineered for strength and versatility. The YuTrax has a 1500-lb. load capacity. It is 89 inches long (that folds in two) and 12 inches wide. This allows it to fit nicely under the ATV and in the back of your vehicle. They weigh 16.25 pounds each (32.5 pounds total).

What kind of tires do yutrax trailers have?

YUTRAX utility trailers are designed and built with hard work and rough terrain in mind. They’re constructed from heavy-duty steel and feature large flotation tires and removable rails. YUTRAX utility trailers are designed and built with hard work and rough terrain in mind.


Yutrax’s 78-inch Tri-Fold Loading Ramps, designed for your UTV/ATV, provide you with the peace of mind that you crave when loading and unloading. The 32lbs of high-quality aluminum not only delivers a long-lasting and durable product, they enable these ramps to be carried around without doing your back in. And this discussed reliability is confirmed through the inclusion of welded rather than riveted hinges and joints.

The manufacturers are aware of their ramps’ steadfastness and thereby offer a warranty of one-year on their product. This confidence is surely influenced by their decision to include extruded rectangular side rails to avoid any unwanted bending due to weight. Combined with the taller rectangular cross-section which can support more weight, there’s no reason to worry about these ramps collapsing. If you desire ramps that never bend and always deliver, then look no further.


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