EternaBond RV Roof Sealant

Can you use eternabond tape to seal RV roof?

No one but me sees the trailers roof so looks is not important, it’s all about getting a good seal. After the tape is all in pace you may find a few bubbles where air is trapped underneath. The instructions say use a pin to make a hole and expel the air then push the tape down to seal the hole.

Which is the best eternabond tape to use?

Alumibond / A-Seal is used for all type of aluminum trailer roof repair metal roof repairs. It features the thickest aluminum sheet face of products of this type. Its the longest lasting Eternabond product. The aluminum is paintable. RoofSeal Black is great for all types of BUR roofing, asphalt roofing, Black EPDM roofing or underlayment repairs.

How long does it take to install eternabond tape?

Installing the tape takes only a few minutes, but first you must ensure the surface where you’re applying the tape is entirely clean or the tape won’t properly adhere. Don’t skip this critical step or your time and effort will be wasted.

Where can I buy eternabond microsealant adhesive?

EternaBond®’s MicroSealant® adhesive provides a permanent bond to virtually all surfaces. By following our easy 3 step instructions, you too will be amazed at the simplicity of installation and bonding strength of EternaBond® tapes. EternaBond® is available at over 600 commercial distributors and retail stores coast to coast.


EternaBond have answered a problem by making a product that is economically friendly to an RV owner’s wallet. Plus, it is excellent at what it does making it a great choice as a roof sealing product. It is easy to install even though the tape is so thick. It is perfect for use around sunroofs and air conditioning vents to add strength to weak points in an RV’s structure.


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