Guide Gear ATV Front Basket


The Guide Gear ATV Front Basket allows users to mount it up at the front end of their quad. Of course, this provides better vision on the provisions, tools and other materials placed in the basket. It is made to adequately handle the extra weight and has no problem taking on heavy loads. Whether you’re journeying long distance routes and doing tasks around the house this ATV front basket will adequately go the extra mile with you.

Thanks to its sturdy 3/4 inch square 16-gauge steel tubing reinforced with a steel mesh, its ‘all-round ready’ to bear the weight of the load stacked in it. The steel is appropriately coated with powder to ensure it can go on the road in any weather without fear of rust or corrosion. Users however have mentioned that the paint starts coming off after some time of usage but still didn’t mind purchasing another one. Be assured that this ATV basket will fit a large range of tubular and composite racks while being incredibly easy to install.


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