AEM Polished Short Ram Intake System

What kind of air filter does AEM use?

AEM DryFlow Air Filters are washable synthetic air filters designed for an optimum combination of air flow, filtration, and performance. AEM DryFlow filters use an innovative high performance oil-free… Short Ram Air Intake System by AEM®. This system is an economical alternative to AEM’s Cold Air Intake system.

What kind of parts does AEM make?

AEM makes parts that give your vehicle a racing look. The products are regularly featured on the pages of motoring magazines and websites, where numerous independent reviews give their performance electronics the thumbs up.

Which is the best shortram air intake system?

Shortram Air Intake System by HPS®. Built for performance and show, HPS Polish post MAF Short Ram air intake pipe offers a free-flowing mandrel-bent aluminum tube induction system designed to produce dyno proven performance gains… Traps dirt up to 5 microns.

What does AEM series 2 engine management system do?

The AEM Series 2 Engine Management Systems give you total control over the engine of your vehicle; the onboard software lets you view and manipulate data in a huge number of ways. Get the level of power that you want, and ensure that the amount of fuel reaching your injectors is just right.


The AEM 22-503P Polished Short Ram Intake System includes a DRYFLOW synthetic air filter that provides exceptional filtration for the lifespan of your vehicle. The system is engineered to reduce air restriction and add horsepower and torque to your engine to improve performance. The filter is washable to provide consistent results over the long term. The AEM intake system includes powder coated heat shields and mandrel-bent aluminum intake tubes. The system is designed to fit most Honda Civic models.


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