Xantrex PROWatt Power Inverter

What is the output of a Xantrex prowatt 2000 inverter?

The PROwatt SW Series feature True Sine-Wave AC output with 540, 900 and 1800 continuous watts respectively. With high surge capability, the PROwatt SW Series provides the necessary current to startup demanding electrical loads such as variable speed power tools, advanced electrical appliances, microwaves and much more.

Is the Xantrex prowatt SW 2000W true sinewave safe?

The PROwatt SW features dual GFCI outlets and a USB port, for easy use of modern electronics. SAFE: Approved to UL458 with marine supplement, CSA, and FCC requirements. For easier troubleshooting, the PROwatt SW has power and fault signals to indicate potential line voltage, overheating, or overloading.

Which is Xantrex Charger 3000 or 6000 watts?

Xantrex 815-3024 Freedom SW 3024 24V Inverter/Charger, 3000W Output continuous power, 6000W Surge rating, Parallel stacking capability to double the inverter power output, Wide operating temperature range . Only 1 left in stock – order soon.

How to contact Xantrex power inverter hotline?

Direct Xantrex customers– Feel free to reach out to individual departments or your exclusive business hotline for order status, delivery updates, PO, RMA and other inquiries End-user customers– Customer service / tech support line 1 800 670 0707 is open as usual, 6 30 AM to 4 30 PM PST, Mon – Fri.


Our next RV inverter is from Xantrex. Like the model we just looked at, this is also a Pure or True Sine Wave inverter. So again that makes it ideal for use with domestic products and sensitive electrical items in the RV.

This is very much a model to consider if you use your RV in the same way as your home. By this we mean if a refrigerator is plugged in and always running, and you want to flick on the TV whilst making coffee in the kitchen. All those sudden demands of power can stress a lesser inverter, but that is not something to worry about here. This product is designed with exceptional high surge capability to match the sometimes uncertain demand levels produced in domestic living.


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