Which is the best LED light bar for an ATV?

The Northpole LED light bar is the final product in our comprehensive list of ATV LED lights and features a waterproof spot and flood combo with a durable aluminum exterior. This model was designed to deliver 300 watts of white light no matter the weather.

How many LED lights do you need for an ATV?

Single lights for ATVs feature eight-piece waterproof pods that have five LEDs per pod and are controlled by using an on/off button. These light kits come with the necessary installation instructions and accessories. The light can be powered by any 12V power source. Where should you place your LED light bar?

Which is the best led bar for trucks?

Our Extreme Stackerz are NEW & IMPROVED! As an off-roader, overlander, hunter, construction worker, or rancher you need a quality product that can keep up with you and the job at hand. Know you are investing in the best-LED bar for your vehicle when you choose LED light bars from Extreme LED.

How big is the spotlight on an ATV?

The spotlight feature is energy efficient and provides a 30-degree beam, offering a more focused light source for your ATV. This model has a universal mounting size of 52 inches and the bracket itself is made of tough stainless steel.


The YITAMOTOR LED light bar consists of a flood spot combo and a polycarbonate lens that are tailored for off road use.  This model offers 54 watts of power delivered by two 60-degree flood beams and one 30-degree spot beam. The bulbs are encased in a tough aluminum alloy frame that comes in two different shades: red and black. This product has a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours and is sealed using a waterproof rubber pad and a silicone sealing trip, allowing you to use it during snow and rain season. The energy-efficient design is also resilient and designed to withstand dust, earthquakes as well as explosions. It also provides illumination from a distance, granting your clear visibility down dark trails at night.


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