Ibera Bicycle Lightweight Bike Water Bottle Cage

What kind of bike accessories does Ibera make?

Ibera creates award-winning bicycle accessories for recreational, commuting, and touring cyclists. Our innovative products are designed and built to help bike riders enjoy cycling with greater comfort, convenience and style.

What kind of cage for water bottle on bike?

Keep hydration close at hand on every road, mountain, and city ride with a wide selection of water bottle cages from Bontrager. Whether you want lightweight carbon or classic alloy, we have secure water bottle holders in a variety of colors and styles to best fit your needs. Bat Cage is made from recycled ocean plastic.

Can a water bottle be mounted on a bicycle?

It can easily be mounted on any kind of cycle or bicycle with the two screws that helps in securing the water bottle cage in the right position. The arms of the water bottle cage helps in keeping the bottle firm and secure even for long distance journey as you will not have to worry about bottle falling during the road or mountain trip.

Where are carbon fiber water bottle cages made?

King Cages’ Ti Cage is MADE IN THE USA, super durable, hold onto bottles like a hungry python, only 28 grams, $60 and will last you the rest of your life. Carbon bottle cages are fragile, and made in China. Not a good value.


The second entrant on our list of the best bike water bottle holders is another pack of 2, by Ibera. These lightweight bottle cages are made from lightweight, heat-treated aluminum plate – a popular material as it’s more durable than plastic, but more affordable than carbon fiber. The cages fit most standard sized bottles of around 3” in diameter.

The oval design features a flared top opening which is intended to make it easier for the rider to remove the bottle whilst in motion. Included in the pack are the 4 screws you will need to install the holders on your bike (pre-drilled, threaded holes are required), although not included is the 4mm hex that you’ll need to tighten said screws.


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