Jucuwe Power Adapter

What kind of power do power adapters do in Minecraft?

This mod adds a new block called the Power Adapter. This block can accept Tesla, RF, Forge Energy, and MJ power, and converts it into a universal power that can be converted back into those types. Tesla = 25 power. Redstone Flux = 25 power. Forge Energy = 25 power. Minecraft Joules = 100 power.

What can you use a power adapter for?

Power adapters are for more than smartphones and tablets—most electronic devices at home and in the office use one. Power supply adapters charge medical equipment, laptops, computers, POS systems and more. Find AC/DC adapters on radios, electronic keyboards and home decor and health equipment.

What kind of plug do I need for Juicebox?

A 14-50 plug-in JuiceBox comes equipped with a 240-volt NEMA 14-50P connector for high-performance charging up to 40A, or 10 kW. For compatibility with other outlets, JuiceBox may require one of these adapters. These adapters are not compatible with NEMA 6-50 plugs.

Can a Juicebox Charger be charged with an adapter?

When charging with any of these adapters, JuiceBox will charge at reduced speeds. Depending on the capacity of your circuit, adapter use may require setting a lower charging rate in the EV JuiceNet app. Always consult a certified electrician when working with high-power electrical equipment.


While this is listed as a power chair charger, it meets the same three-prong male outlet and voltage/amp requirements as hoverboard chargers. Basically, you can take advantage of this and make it work for your hoverboard while having it as a back-up for a power chair, if that’s an option for you. If not, don’t worry; this is about as universal as hoverboard chargers get. The three-prong male outlet allows you to attach this to an extensive list of different hoverboard brands and models.

The charging period is good… kind of. The first 80% of your charge is extremely quick, but then it heats up, overheat protection kicks in, and the last 20% of your battery charge carries on dreadfully slow. While the cable length is great and the size is compact for travel, it’s a charger with its fair share of issues.


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