TORC T14 Bluetooth Integrated Helmet

What are the features of the torc t14b helmet?

1 Important Features of Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet. Important Features of Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet. You will notice that the Torc T14B helmet has a stronger assurance of safety because of its aggressive design that features the dual density EPS.

What’s the name of the new torc motorcycle helmet?

NEW Torc T-50 T50 Route 66 DOT 3/4 Helmet – Finale – FAST FREE 1-4 DAY SHIPPING! Only 1 left! TORC T14b Bluetooth Mako Motorcycle Helmet DOT Full Face Dual Visor Size XS NEW! TORC motorcycle helmets provide riders with safety and innovation, and practicing safety will help keep a rider protected when he or she is on their motorcycle.

Is the torc blue tooth motorcycle helmet safe?

The Torc Blue tooth Motorcycle Helmet was designed to keep people safe, and it will. Of course, people can say that about most motorcycle helmets on the market, even though some of them are going to be more effective than others.

Is the torc Mako T14 a Bluetooth device?

The first on our list that features its own integrated Bluetooth device, the Torc Mako T14 — named for the sleek seafaring predator — is built from a thermo-polymer alloy mated to a laser-contoured liner for the ultimate in comfort and protection.


One of the best full face motorcycle helmets on the market, the Torc T14 helmet is not only highly safe and comfortable but features a Bluetooth integrated shell that allows the rider to listen to music without buying an additional piece of equipment. The helmet also comes with 400 meters intercom that you can use to speak with other riders, and a drop-down visor in the shape of sunglasses for those scorching, sunny days.

 The Torc T14 is a heavy, durable helmet that provides a structural support so necessary for serious motorbike riders. In fact, thanks to its Thermo Polymer Alloy Shell that is specifically engineered to provide maximum protection, this helmet easily disperses impact energy in case of a crash. Equally important, it’s comfortable thanks to its inner liner that is thick and padded, as well as its adjustable flow-through ventilation system. Another huge bonus is that this liner can be removed and washed in a machine, which means you can say goodbye to dirty, sweaty helmets once and for all.

The helmet is also equipped with a drop-down visor and its optic shield is anti-fog and resistant to scratches. All in all, a great motorbike helmet that makes use of modern technology at an affordable price.


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