Shield Jacket Roof Top Luggage Bag

What’s the best cargo bag for the roof?

MIDABAO Thickened 20 Cubic Waterproof Duty Car Roof Top Carrier-Car Cargo Roof Bag Car Roof Top C… Unless you live for the thrill of the outdoors, it is not often that you need to carry additional luggage on your car’s roof. However, when you need to, you sure want you luggage protected from the elements.

Can a handiholdall be used as a roof bag?

The HandiHoldall is our very own soft roof bag, a unique version of a traditional roof box that is lighter, easier to attach to the car and capable of holding up to 320-litres worth of cargo but similarly to all other roof boxes, you need to pack it properly to be safe.

How do you attach luggage to a roof rack?

Some cargo nets even include cargo straps. To attach a cargo net, drape the net over your luggage on the roof basket or tray. Attach the net’s hooks on the roof basket/tray. Roof bags are available in multiple capacities. Some roof bags mount to roof racks or raised side rails, some mount to roof baskets, and others mount to naked roofs.

What should I pack in my roof bag?

Packing your roof bag with 2-3 larger bags as opposed to lots of little items will also help you balance out the weight to make driving with it on board easier and safer.


First off, we have to celebrate that name – RocketBox? Awesome, we love it!

Now, to serious matters. This product is designed primarily for people with smaller cars. It has a much squatter design than normal, meaning that much of the space is generated by the width of the box rather than the length. So if you have a smaller roof area, this box can be installed without overhanging the windshield or stopping the trunk being fully opened.

You also get the high quality design and build you would expect from Yakima. So 12 cubic feet of storage has been squeezed into this model (excellent design) and you also get high quality locks, and easy to use quick release connectors (excellent build).

For hatchback style cars with that little less rack room than a SUV or Minivan this could be the perfect cargo box.


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