OX Tools Caulking Gun

How do you use a caulking gun to load caulk?

A caulking gun is a handheld device that dispenses the caulk in a precise, targeted manner. To load the gun with caulk, you pull back the plunger. Once the caulk tube seal is broken, you hold the gun over the gap or joint to be filled and squeeze the trigger.

What do you need to know about ox tools?

Unleash the Power®. Ultimate product quality… Powerful, dynamic and advanced, the phenomenal OX range raises the benchmark for tool performance, to unprecedented new levels.

Which is the best caulk gun for concrete?

The tool also comes with a thumb release for dripless operation. With a high thrust ratio of 26:1, the PC Products Steel Caulking Gun is a workhorse that can smoothly dispense thick sealants. The gun can be used with any type of caulk or sealant, but its main purpose is to dispense high-viscosity sealants, such as concrete epoxy.

Where do you cut the nozzle on a caulking gun?

A caulking tube will come with a long-sealed nozzle at the front. Cut this nozzle at the desired point so that the caulk will come out at the desired width. If the crack is large, consider cutting the nozzle close to the tube. If the crack is small, cut the nozzle near the end to be precise.


With some great features and being available at a brilliant price, this caulking gun from OX tools has proven to be popular amongst buyers and reviewers alike. Simple additions such as the ergonomic grip and dual gripping plates allow for added strength and comfortable use, while pressure is easily maintained.

The built-in puncture tool is a nice touch, while the pull-back rod ensures no dripping or struggling when finishing off your beading. While this isn’t an outstanding caulking gun when compared to others on our list, it’s definitely a handy workhorse that will keep on going, making it ideal for occasional users and the average DIY-er.

OX Tools PO-P044910 Rodless Caulk Gun

Features · Unique rodless design with belt hook · Rivetted and reinforced carriage · Suitable for narrow space application · 7:1 Thrust ratio is ideal for use with …


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