Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Aggressive Detailing Clay

How to use Meguiar’s M34 mirror glaze detailing clay?

Break off a piece of clay and flatten it out into a palm-sized piece. Mist Meguiar’s M34 Mirror Glaze Final Inspection liberally on a section of your car’s paint. This will allow for the clay bar to glide smoothly across the paint.

Which is the best mirror glaze for car detailing?

Meguiar’s C2000 Mirror Glaze Professional Detailing Clay is amazing for safely removing bonded surface contaminants from your vehicle.

What to use for final inspection of mirror glaze?

This body shop safe spray detailer is perfect for quick cleanups of compounds, polishes and residue, and can be used to evaluate paint repairs, look for surface defects or as a final wipe-down. Also, excellent as a clay lubricant, it’s ideally paired with Mirror Glaze Detailing Clay Mild – C2000 or Mirror Glaze Detialing Clay Aggressive – C2100.

What kind of Polish does Meguiar’s use?

Meguiar’s® Mirror Glaze® Ultra Finishing Polish, M20501, 1 Gallon, Liquid 1 Permanently removes swirls & light defects from all paints 2 Produces deep reflections & hi gloss 3 Smooth buffing feel and fast wipe-off More …


If you’re looking for the best value product on this list, then this offering from IPELY could very well be taking home that particular prize.

4 – yes that’s right 4 – clay bars in one packet, with a price tag of under 15 bucks. Given how infrequently you need to use a clay bar for the best results (something we’ll chat about below in the buying guide) this could very well be all of the clay bars you will ever need in one convenient purchase.


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