Tile GPS Tracker for Bikes

How did the tile finder GPS tracker come about?

The Tile GPS didn’t become the best tracking device for millions overnight. The concept of a small “find my keys tracker” first came about from a husband trying to help his wife find her lost items. After a successful crowdfunding campaign and good Tile reviews from the first customers, the Tile finder took off and is now a globally-known name.

What are the best GPS trackers for bikes in 2020?

The Tile Gen 2 Key Finder is one of the most compact tracking units available. This unit can be attached to any item or person with ease and can be located in real time. We call it the ultimate key, phone, and “anything else” finder. The Tile tracking device helps you keep tabs on your backpack, wallet, kid, toy, and more.

What can you do with a GPS tracker?

The Tile tracking device helps you keep tabs on your backpack, wallet, kid, toy, and more. The central control and navigation in the tile app provides users with real-time data on the location of the item.

Can you turn a tile into a car tracker?

Turning A Tile Into A Car Tracker. A Tile is a small Bluetooth device which you can put on your keychain, for example, so that you can find your keys using an app on your phone.


Our editorial team has included yet another tracking device from Tile. Tile has several years of expertise at its fingertips. It knows the needs of its customers and combined this with advanced technologies to create a tool with a difference. It is the Tile Pro Tracking System. This GPS tracker for bikes is designed as a ring to bring a little variety into the structure of tracking devices and also to make it more appealing. It can be attached to yourself or assets that matter to you, such as your phone, cars, and the people you love. It doesn’t come with any installation fee or contract, which makes it highly sought after by several bike owners.

Just like the other Tile manufactured tracking devices, this GPS tracking device for bikes comes with a robust Tile community, and you can log onto it when your Tile Pro is far away. The device is connected to your mobile device through an app, which will provide you with real-time and extremely accurate data on the location of your possession. Many models from other brands desire the battery life of this unit. A single battery can be used for up to a year without any hassle.


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