Colorbasket Front Handle Bike Basket

What kind of bike basket do I Need?

ProsourceFit Wicker Front Handlebar Bike Basket Cargo , light brown, 13 by 9 … Lixada Bike Basket, Small Pet Cat Dog Carrier Bicycle Handlebar Front Basket … Only 1 left! Only 1 left!

Where do you mount a Basil bike basket?

One of the strongest selling points of our bike baskets is that they can be very easily attached to your bike. You’ll find baskets that can be mounted at the front of your bike at the handlebars, on the front rack or at the rear on the luggage carrier.

How big is a handlebar basket on a bike?

A sturdy handlebar-mounted metal basket for shopping trips, quick jaunts around town or just giving the dog a ride! Capacity: 1030 ci … read more A durable way to carry heavier loads, with mounting points at both the seat stays and near the rear axle, haul more groceries, gear, or anything with … read more

Is the Basil rattan look bike basket stylish?

The Basil Rattan Look bike basket range can be left in drizzly conditions with no worries whatsoever. Prefer to have your basket with you while shopping to load up on groceries?


The Colorbasket Bike Basket is a front handle unit made for mini bikes. Allow your little one to carry around their toys and other play items in this durable and stylish basket. This unit is manufactured from hand woven polypropylene, and as such, it is UV protected, water-resistant and stands a low chance of cracking and splintering. It is sturdy enough to accommodate all your handy items and even food since it is food contact safe. 

This mountain bike basket is BPA free, which makes it extremely safe for use. It features adjustable straps that can be tightened for maximum load capacity. These straps are located at the back of the basket, and they offer a double function as attachment units for secure connections to a walker, wheelchair and any railing. We love how versatile and colorful the Colorbasket is. The colors used make it a suitable unit for your trips to the beach, picnic grounds, and any other fun location.


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