Kicker DS693 (Pair) 6×9 Speakers

What kind of foam surrounds do kicker ds693 speakers use?

Replace those worn-out speakers with some Kicker DS Series models, and get the performance and reliability you deserve. The 3-way DS693 6"x9" speakers use stiff polypropylene cones supported by heavy-duty polyester foam surrounds.

What does the kicker DS series speaker do?

Kicker’s DS Series speakers improve your sound while mostly making the job a breeze. These coaxial drivers are built to fit most vehicles without the need for modification of your door panel (read: drilling holes). There’s more to love, though.

What kind of tweeters do dsc69304s have?

The DS Series 6×9 3-ways let you have it all in one speaker. Either with stand-out looks or sleepers in your factory grilles, the DSC69304s make the most of the DS series’ technology and your tunes. A pair of zero-protrusion PEI tweeters give your highs the crispness your factory speakers just couldn’t muster and the woofer takes care of the rest.

Which is the best DS 6×9 triaxial speaker?

The 2014 DS 6×9-Inch Triaxial (3-Way) Speakers are a great way to upgrade the sound in your car. Using PEI tweeters ensures you get excellent clarity, while a rigid polypropylene cone with EVC™ (Extended Voice Coil) technology gives the best sonic quality for your ride.


This model is custom made to replace the rear deck speakers that your car rolled out the factory equipped with – that is why they come in pairs. If you’re looking to replace original speakers with aftermarket models then you want an increase in performance, right?

You’ll get it with these speakers. Polyester foam surrounds are used to support polypropylene constructed cones. This is not the high end material you will get in more expensive models, but they still work well together to deliver decent base and excellent overall performance – a 92dB sensitivity rating is proof of this.

It’s also worth pointing out they come out the box with all the connectors, wires and housing making them supremely easy to fit. Price wise these are very much toward the lower end, making them a cheap but highly effective replacement for factory originals.


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