Sierra Offroad Factory Style Jeep Soft Top

When did Sierra Wrangler soft top come out?

Earlier model (1997 -2002) Jeep Wrangler frames are not the same size as later model (2003-2006) frames. Sierra provides great fitting Jeep Tops designed to the original factory frame by model year. You do not have to settle for a one- size-fits-all Jeep Top. SIERRA Offroad offers more material and color choices than any other brand!

Is there a soft top replacement for a Jeep Wrangler?

Limited Time Unbelievable Deals on Jeep Wrangler soft top replacements and related products from SIERRA Offroad. Built to factory original quality specifications to ensure a proper fit. The soft tops and doors skins attach over factory original frames. SIERRA Offroad is an exceptional brand available for the TJ and YJ.

What kind of material is a jeep soft top made of?

Mildew and UV resistant, the top is made from vinyl-coated, marine-grade cotton, and you get a choice of 18-percent tinted or clear panel windows, which are removable. For a slick fit, it is a good idea to let the canvas warm up for a few hours in the sun, but the extra effort it worth it.

What kind of vinyl is in Sierra offroad?

TRILOGY Acoustic Vinyl is a 45 ounce heavy weight two ply composite designed to reduce noise at highway speeds. Interested? What are you waiting for!


For proud owners of the classic 2007 – 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited soft top, then check out than this fitted Trektop NX from Bestop if your soft top needs replacing. The Unlimited is a special beast – shown by the fact that the other soft tops in this review can’t fit its four-door design. This easy-to-fit replacement soft top has been designed specifically with the four-door in mind and Bestop has made a really good job of it.

Using the latest frameless styling, this Jeep Wrangler four-door soft top fits neatly without the need for traditional bows or frames and gives an awesome fold-back sunroof for a total open-air driving experience. Add in removable windows, tough YKK zippers and UV-resistant sail cloth fabric that folds back like a dream. You can also go wild safari by removing the side panels for a safari bikini-style look. This is a premium Jeep soft top that offers premium style and flexibility for your money.


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