ADCO 3922 Black Double Axle RV Tire Covers


These are our top rated double axle RV tire covers on our product selection list. We rate them as we like how durable the covers are owing to clever design features like overlapping seams, double needle stitching and reinforced grommets. It is small choices like this in the manufacturing of RV wheel covers that make the best RV tire covers out there.

This double axle tire cover from ADCO gives RV owners added protection from the sun on their tires when parked or in storage as they are made from from a flannel backed vinyl. Not only does this repel water and other liquids, it is also fantastic for protecting tires against damaging UV rays as well as other weather elements that can wreak havoc on our tires. Furthermore, this cover is available to buy in both black and white which have been proven to be amongst the best colors for protecting tires against UV damage.


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