Thetford RV Drain Valve Lubricant

How does Thetford drain valve lubricant work?

Thetford’s Drain Valve Lubricant is specially formulated to lubricate all waste treatment systems. The 100% biodegradable liquid work with both black and grey water tanks, on RVs or boats. Drain Valve Lubricant coats plumbing lines, preventing sticky valves and restoring the smooth operation of waste evacuation.

How can I Fix my Thetford RV toilet?

Raise the toilet straight up to clear the lip of the black water tank, and release the water supply pipe by loosening the hose clamp securing it in place. Thetford’s Customer Service Department can be reached at 1-800-543-1219.

What are the parts of a Thetford toilet?

The user-serviceable parts of a Thetford toilet are its seat and seat cover, the blade seal, the water valve and the vacuum breaker. Repairing a malfunctioned unit is a straightforward project. Step 1 Release the seat and seat cover by sharply pushing backward on the hinges when the seat and cover are open.

How big is a Thetford waste dump valve?

This is a complete replacement for old Thetford waste dump valves. It has a flat top for direct mount to your holding tank. It has an "O"-ring connection on the bottom outlet side to fit in a 3" hub. Mounting holes are 4-1/4" on center. Approximately 6" across mounting holes if measured diagonally. Blade is plastic.


Anyone in the market for the best RV black tank treatment is definitely in luck. This product offers extensive services on that front and others. So how on earth does the Thetford 24 oz RV Drain Valve Lubricant work? This formula is specifically designed to lubricate all sorts of waste treatment systems. So, the good news is that clogs and the sorts are no match for it. This liquid RV septic cleaner happens to be 100% biodegradable. It will equally do wonders on anything from a black to a grey water tank. Even more in terms of versatility, it is suitable to be used on boats and RVs alike. What it does is to coat the plumbing lines and as such, it guards against sticky valves. So, for anyone who has been having problems with waste evacuation altogether, this is a solid way out.


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