Leader Accessories Waterproof Front Bucket Seat Cover

Who is the world leader in custom seat covers?

Leading the world in quality and innovation with our custom seat covers and accessories. Fia, the leader in Custom Fit. With the major focus on the end user, Fia has developed innovative designs in both interior and exterior custom accessories.

What can leader accessories do for your boat?

Leader Accessories design and manufacture all series of deluxe seats fit your boat perfectly. Constructed with Marine-grade vinyl upholstery & compression foam cushion and high quality fabric, providing you a extra comfortable boating journey. Get the right bimini top for your boat!

What kind of seat cover is water proof?

Our Waterproof SeatSavers are a favorite for construction workers, landscapers, and even soccer moms. Made from a heavy-duty polyester material to ensure no water or spilled drinks seep through to your factory seats and stay a pleasant temperature even in warm climates.

What kind of seat cover does wet Okole make?

Seat Covers. Custom Wet Okole – Seat Covers – Hawaii. Wet Okole started out in Hawaii making seat covers with waterproof neoprene backing that’s designed to fit every popular model of car, van or truck. Our neoprene waterproof auto seat covers are designed for those with an active life style.


To take the heat out of life on the road, check out our final cool truck accessory – Leader Accessories’ sweat towel bucket seat cover. Now, we are not suggesting sweat is your problem but there’s always a time when you need a seat cover to do more than just protect your truck seat. The super-soft but durable fabric in this smart cover mimics a sweat towel, to mop up any excess moisture as you drive. This is a great truck accessories addition for when you are taking a long, hot summer road trip and need to keep your cool. Or use it when you next go down for an awesome surf session at the beach, so you can make a quick (and dry off on the road) getaway at the end of the day. The sweat towel bucket seat cover is also a welcome addition if you are training or are a gym fan, taking the sweat (quite literally) out of your journey home.

The fabric is actually three-layered – soft towel as the outer with a 100% waterproof film inner to keep your car seat protected and a rubber, anti-slip backing to keep the whole seat cover firmly in place. This practical and hardwearing sweat towel car seat is also machine-washable and is super-easy to take on and off while it can then be stored away inside itself when you don’t need it.  Such a simple idea, but genius and one of those top truck accessories you will wonder how you ever lived without!


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