Black Widow PSR295 Black Plastic Service Ramps


Owners of larger vehicles like SUVs, trucks, vans, and large sedans can always rely on the Black Widow to give them the lift that their vehicles need. With a 7-inch maximum lift height, the Black Widow is perfect for getting onto a much higher platform or to simply increase the amount of space that you can work on underneath your vehicle.

True, the Black Widow may be made of plastic, but its construction is that of a very durable one. It’s more than capable of handling an 8-ton vehicle without really balking under pressure. At the core of the Black Widow is an internal support mechanism that allows the tires to distribute its weight evenly onto the platform, allowing for more stable and more secure support. The platform is also designed with grid pattern mimicking the tire tread pattern of most modern vehicles complete with 3 channels.

On the downside, the incline is a bit steeper than most, although this should not really be a problem since the grooves are there to help get your car easily up onto the ramp. The width is a full foot wide, giving you extra room to maneuver your car though it will be a test of one’s skills.

Overall, the Black Widow deserves a slot in this list of the best car ramps as it comes with a very stable platform with which to raise almost any type of vehicle.


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