TREE.NB Battery Charger for Hoverboard

What kind of Charger do I need for a hoverboard?

We offer the hoverboard service with parts and accessories to back up what we sell. And any parts that are ordered at the same time as a hoverboard will also ship for free. This is a 42 volt hoverboard charger that will charge all hoverboards with a 3 pin round terminal that use a 36 volt nominal (42 volt charging) Lithium battery.

How long does it take to charge a hoverboard battery?

For most of the hoverboard in market, it takes 2-3hour for one full charge. If motherboard is the brain for hoverboard, battery is the heart for it. Needless to say, it is important to keep some useful tips in mind to protect your hoverboard heart. We hope you have learned how to extend hoverboard battery life today.

Is the lotfancy charger compatible with hoverboards?

This UL-listed and CE TUV GS certified replacement charger is compatible with the vast majority of hoverboards that support 36V. Like the others before it, the LotFancy charger takes safety precautions in that it protects against over-voltage and similar common electrical issues.

What does a red Charger light on a hoverboard mean?

This red light means that your hoverboard battery is charging and that your problem lies elsewhere. If the light on your charger does not turn red but instead the charger light stays green, then your battery is either 100% full, or you have a defective hoverboard battery and it needs to be replaced.


Suposun actually made one of the best chargers on our list that don’t heat up from a ton of use, but the problem is that it’s not exactly the most sturdily constructed. You’re going to get a quick charge off of this, and be able to use it for a myriad of vehicles including ATVs, dirt bikes and others. The charger can even be used for some electric skateboards. The thing is, the plug is a three-prong, just like you want, but it’s a female output which can sometimes limit its versatility depending on the brand of hoverboard you own.

It’s a basic charger that gets the job done right, and doesn’t cost a lot upfront. It’s actually one of the cheapest on the list, and still comes with an LED indicator light, as well as overload protection. The main thing with this is that the wire—specifically the one that goes from the three-prong cord to the power box—has a very flimsy connection. It works, but the wire would be best treated as fragile. It’s good for home use, just don’t bring it out on travel.


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