Optimus Tracker Anti-Theft Devices

Who is responsible for the Optimus GPS tracker?

Optimus GPS Tracking Corp will not be responsible in any way the customer uses this product and/or service. Optimus GPS Tracking Corp will not be responsible for any lost property, damages of any kind during the use of the product and/or service. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

What can I do with the Optimus app?

– Manage your vehicles and other GPS devices. – Track your vehicle in real time. – Check the trail of past dates. * Push notifications. * Email. * SMS. – Manage your email accounts and cell phone numbers for alerts.

Where can I Hide my Optimus 2.0 GPS tracker?

The Optimus 2.0 can be easily hidden underneath a car seat or in the trunk/bed of a truck. You can have your tracker hidden and ready to use within minutes. Our App and web browser software is very easy to use and reliable. We are trusted by thousands of customers every day. Enjoy the peace of mind that you will be notified when an event occurs.

What do you need to know about Optimus trader?

An efficient, no-frills platform for active traders who prioritize fast execution over fancy features that real traders never utilize in live market conditions. Designed to keep you focused on the information and tools you need to place trades in fast moving markets.


One of the hardest parts about having your car stolen is being unable to get your car back – then dealing with the insurance agencies to prove it’s been taken and so on, and so forth. With his handy little anti theft device, however, you can actually track down and possible even retrieve your vehicle, without the thief ever knowing that you’re on your way.

This anti theft car GPS works by pinpointing exactly where your car is, as well as where it has been. Small enough to easily fit anywhere you feel appropriate in your car, yet powerful enough to help investigators know the exact location of your car’s whereabouts, this is the best anti-theft system for cars available, right now.


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