1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet


Straightforward and stylish, the 1Storm ticks all the wearability boxes, with a good value modular helmet that looks good. Made from an aerodynamic ABS shell, 1Storm use multi-density EPS materials which are lightweight but still offer the full protection expected by Department of Transport standards. This helmet is on a chunky side but that’s no bad thing and available in 18 colorways, the design and livery styling will turn heads.

For the money you also get a nice modular system, with an inner smoked visor and an easy to lift front face panel with a clear shield. You can control the ventilation through two top and two side adjustable switches for the right inner airflow as you ride. Considerintg the price, this is a reliable everyday lid that scores highly in the modular helmet reviews and gives a reassuring level of protection.


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