Surf City Garage Edge Wheel Wax

What makes Surf City Garage grade detailing products?

Born out of love for the automobile and guided by the principles of "All Top–Quality Ingredients, All Of The Time" our detailing products are everything you need in one line of care. Around the many roads of the world the freedom-loving, adventure seeking fire ignites.

What kind of sealant does Surf City use?

Ceramic 9H Coating (50 ml) + Duo-Tone Ceramic Applicator NEW LOOK! Ceramic Detail Spray NEW LOOK! Ceramic Wash & Seal NEW LOOK! Speed Shield™ Ceramic Paint Sealant

Is it safe to use rim wax on chrome wheels?

Perfect for use on chrome rims, this rim wax is safe for any type of finish your wheels may have. It’s an extremely highly rated option and customers love how easy it is to use and remove.


A full all-in-one system for cleaning, sealing and protecting your wheels, the Diamond Edge Wheel Wax from Surf City Garage is a great choice if you want to get your rims looking like they just came off the factory floor. It can’t be used on polished or satin rims, as a few customers have noted that this wax can leave a heavily smeared finish, here – indicating that you’ll likely need to go over this a fair few times to get the final look you’re after.

It uses a resin-based formula, which helps the Diamond Edge to resist the higher temperatures that often come with heavy braking. It also does a great job at repelling the brake dust, while leaving a good finish on any other wheel rim types.


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