Mobile Soft Water for RV

Which is the best portable water softener for RV?

In choosing the best portable water softener for RV, you should also look for one with high capacity. This model can let you enjoy up to 2000 gallons of softened water per regeneration. That is something useful especially if you’re always using your RV, or you’re a fulltime RVer for that matter.

Can you use a water softener on the go?

Even in the smallest spaces, we can use the On the Go water softener because it is compact and solid. So aside from making us up to 16,000 gallons of soft water, it can also fit even tight spaces. There are also unique features of this water softener.

Why do you need a mobile soft water unit?

Using this Mobile Soft Water unit, you can save on energy cost because it can help reduce the strain of your appliances due to buildup of minerals and other particles. This is also a good choice because it can treat up to five gallons of hard water per minute. It’s something you will love if you want to condition this large amount of water quickly.

What kind of water softener does Lowes use?

Consider a salt-free water softener that uses an advanced system to effectively attract and neutralize hard-water properties. The quality of your water makes a big difference in how your home functions, and Lowe’s has the water filtration and water softening systems to bring it up to safe and healthy standards.


This is a highly effective unit that will remove calcium, iron, magnesium radium and many other heavy metals from a water supply for use in your RV. It is a compact unit measuring just nine inches in diameter and made from plastic reinforced with fiberglass. It is designed for 150 psig operating pressure. Setting it up is as simple using the nylon (lead-free) male hose connection inlet and the nylon male hose connection outlet.

Safety is assured as all the construction materials in this portable water softener comply with NSF 61, and the unit is very portable. This is a 16,000 grain capacity unit that has been loaded with half a cubic foot of eight-percent cross link styrene water softening resin. It can treat up to five gallons of water per minute and delivers 1,600 gallons of conditioned water. It regenerates without having to use electricity and comes with a manual.


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