BACtrack Trace Professional Breathalyzer

What makes the BACtrack trace breathalyzer so good?

An easy way to get an accurate BAC reading in seconds, the BACtrack Trace Professional Breathalyzer is perfect for every alcohol-sensing application. Slim, understated design combines with ease of use and uses BACtrack’s award winning, state of the art, Xtend® Fuel Cell Sensor Technology.

Which is the most accurate BAC breathalyzer on the market?

Powered by BACtrack’s largest Xtend Platinum Fuel Cell Sensor, the BACtrack S80 Professional Breathalyzer is the most accurate breathalyzer in the BACtrack family, delivering reliable BAC results, with police-grade accuracy.

What is the BAC of the BACtrack trace?

The Trace can detect trace amounts of alcohol, reliably handles high BAC levels and is accurate to the third decimal place, Sensor Accuracy + or – 0.005 at 0.050 percentage BAC SIMPLE, ONE-BUTTON OPERATION – The BACtrack Trace is extremely easy to use.

What is the BAC of the BACtrack Mobile Pro?

The linear response of the Pro Series’ Xtend® Fuel Cell Sensor Technology provides precise results over the complete range of alcohol concentrations expected in the breath, from 0.000 to 0.400 % BAC.


This device uses the same technology as that used in hospitals and by law enforcement agencies. You can rely on the accurate and repeatable results to inform your decisions about driving. Accuracy is maintained over thousands of tests.

The built-in memory saves your last 10 readings in case you need to look back at them. The operation is simple and you can begin testing within seconds. A reassuring click tells you when enough breath has entered the alcohol sensor cell. In addition, there are a number of further features including a continuous check of temperature, warning levels that can be adjusted by the user and a mini-solenoid breath pump system.


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