Richsing LED Strip Lights

What are the best online sources for LED strip lights?

Havells, in its pursuit to deliver innovative products, has come up with a collection of LED strip lights which can be used in various applications. Whether it’s about TV backlighting, cabinet lighting, cove lighting or any other decorative lighting, LED strip lights can be creatively used to impart a distinctive lighting effect to any place.

What kind of lights are used in strip lights?

LED strip lights consist of multiple LED lights in a series and also known as LED ribbon light or LED tape light. LED strip lights are usually wired into 3 to 4 circuits, but you can decide on the length, size and number of LED lights/meter as per your requirement.

What makes LED strip lights easy to install?

LED Strips Lights are dimmable, flexible and cuttable, which makes them very easy to install and use. All of our LED Strip Lights come with a "peel-and-stick" 3M adhesive backing. Channel guides and mounting accessories are available for more complex installations.

Which is the best LED strip for remote control?

5M 50 LEDS Silver Wire String Lights HML 5M 72W 5050 RGB LED Strip Light with 20 Keys Music Remote Control And EU Adapter ZDM Waterproof 5M 75W 300X5050RGB SMD Light Led Strip Light 44KEY IR Remote Controller Kit DC12V 1PC 3528 Not Waterproof LED Light Strips DC12V ZDM 100CM Waterproof 5050 LED Light Strip and IR24 Controller 12V / 2A Power Supply


Although minimalist designs may be the front runner on the market these days, we believe that every room is better with a splash of color. Providing 20 shades and 22 miscellaneous modes to choose from, Richsing’s LED Strip Lights are practical as well stylish. The backs of both strip lights are aligned with viscous blue imported tape, ensuring adhesive capabilities beyond your wildest dreams.

Once they are fully secured onto the wall, you can start to play around with the vast array of features, most notably the power of the white key. By pressing it down you’ll unleash the fierce RGB combination color that will turn any humdrum room into a temporary nightclub. Contrarily, if you want to relax with your other half, find a color combination between red, blue, and green to settle down for the night. Inexpensive and cheerful, these lights successfully create the ambience you desire.


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