Mirrycle Bicycle Bell

What’s the name of the mirrycle bicycle bell?

Mirrycle Incredibell Original Bicycle Bell. The louder version of the Original Incredibell. The Incredibell XL is a little bigger and comes with the same pivoting dinger. Bicycle police like this bell.

Where does the incredibell bike bell come from?

The Incredibell is made in Japan. Buy the black ones. Bike shops often remove bells and reflectors from new bikes, but probably shouldn’t. They know junk bells will usually cause problems and reflectors sometimes make bikes look cheap. The Incredibell is neat and unobtrusive, and has a loud piercing sound.

Where does the bell go on a bike?

In Australia all bike brakes are set up Moto style with riders right hand operating the main brake, so the bell goes on the LHS to allow bell and front brake use simultaneously.

Which is the best bike bell in Japan?

The bike bells in Japan are superior and cost ¥100 ($1) at Daiso. I’ll tell you why. Basic design is the same, however the daiso bell thumb pull plastic is much easier to pull back and flexes easier so the hammer gives more control.


The Incredibell from Mirrcycle is a very popular option. It has a very loud ringer, so it’s great to use on busy roads and by commuting cyclists who have to compete with both pedestrians and cars on the way to work. It fits on a wide range of handlebars, including those up to 24mm.

This is larger than the original Mirrcycle, which has proven to be long-lasting so you can be sure of the quality. The pivoting lever allows for easy use on both left- and right-hand sides of your handlebars, and it’s very easy to fit on your bike.


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