Planet Bike Comfort Cork handlebar tape

What kind of tape do you use for handlebars on a bike?

Measuring 3.1mm thick, the tape has a Vex gel backing to further aid the comfort afforded by the polyurethane construction. Only available in the most practical of bar tape colours, black, it is also free of branding so won’t ‘clash’ with whatever bike or components you run.

What do you use to wrap a handlebar on a Trek bike?

Set the bar-end plugs in place and wrap the included Bontrager finishing strips over your electrical tape. Swapping out your bar tape is the perfect way to put some signature style on your bike, and it’s also a great way to dial in the way you feel on your bike.

What kind of handlebar tape does a Motobecane use?

Motobecane rubber handlebar sleeve, patented for Motobecane by Hutchinson. We might even have some new old stock sleeves left for sale, just ask. Indeed, there’s lots of retro bicycles and restored vintage bicycles out there with both synthetic and genuine leather handlebar tapes.

Which is easier to wrap, tape or cork?

Leather tape can be tricky to wrap, as it’s relatively stiff and lacking in cushioning (what you’d expect from leather). But once you break it in, it’s soft to the touch and very sharp looking. Finally, cork is soft and cushioned, and on the thick side, but tends to absorb sweat and dirt.


Your weight shifts mostly to the arms when cycling especially if the bike is on top speed. This tells on your elbows and wrists when they are not comfortably positioned. Your comfort can only be assured if the right materials are used and in place for enhanced riding experience. The Planet Bike Comfort Cork Handlebar Tape promises optimal convenience not just for you, but the handlebar too. It promises to be soft on the palms and gentle on the skin while providing a secure and easy grip.

The tape comes in multiple colors that would suit a wide range of bicycle saddles and personal style. All the available colors and designs come UV-protected to ensure you enjoy their vibrant look and feel over time. It equally sports a durable construction that will last a long time. Even when it drizzles or you work up a little sweat when cycling, these handlebar tapes remain tacky enough for a good and secure grip.


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