Santa Cruz Skateboard Deck

What kind of skateboard is Santa Cruz Skateboard?

SANTA CRUZ Erick Winkowski dope planet 2 skateboard !!Awesome Santa Cruz Jeff Kendall Atomic Man Skateboard Deck powell vision sims! NEW! SANTA CRUZ ROB ROSKOPP TARGET 4 REISSUE OLD SCHOOL SKATEBOARD DECK BLACK

Where can I buy a skateboard deck for free?

Check out the largest selection of skateboard decks online. Your choice of free griptape. Free ground shipping on orders over $50 and free returns. Skip to main content Skate Warehouse

How big is a zero Lopez skateboard deck?

Zero Lopez American Smiley SIGNED Deck 8.25 x 31.9 $62.99 Quick Order View All Skateboard Decks Skip to footer Skateboards Decks Complete Skateboards

What kind of wood is a skateboard deck made of?

Most of the skateboard decks are made of a 7-ply wood construction which means that the deck has seven plies of wood compressed into a deck. Regarding the width, you should make sure that the tip of your shoes goes slightly beyond the deck. This will make it easier for you to control your ride.


The Santa Cruz Skateboard Deck features a traditional 7 ply construction made out of bamboo that gives this skate deck its sturdy durability that we know you’re going to love just as much as we do. This old school deck features a creative design of Rob Roskopp and Edmiston Green that is just a little bit edgy in all the ways that are cool. This board measures 9.5 inches wide by 31 inches long and only comes in one size that is completely suitable for riders and skaters of different skill levels so no matter that your skating looks like, whether you’re just a humble beginner or an all-time pro, this board would still be a good fit for you.

As this skateboard deck is old school, it takes on that classic old school design with a board that is wider than newer model decks. This means that the Santa Cruz skateboard deck would be a great deck for pool, vert and carving. The board comes with holes that have been pre-drilled so that you can easily assemble it with a skate truck.


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