Jumbl Pet Waterproof Cargo Liner

Is the ultimate pet liner good for dogs?

The Ultimate Pet Liner is great for Traveling with dogs, if you are a dog owner then you can be assured that your vehicle’s cargo liner area will be protected from common issues associated with driving with your dog, as well as providing your dog with additional comfort and padding.

Is there a cargo liner for the ultimate SUV?

Ultimate SUV cargo and Car trunk protection against interior carpet tears, plastic side panels and rear fabric scratches, general stains, mud, spills, dirt, grease, and Traveling with Dogs or other pets. It’s the only cargoliner that covers the entire rear area, including both rear side panels and top and back of the rear material for the vehicle.

What kind of vinyl is a pet liner made out of?

Made from a high end, double backed upholstery vinyl that is 100% waterproof and will withstand water, dirt, and claws. Material that is non porous to prevent dog hair sticking to it. Hand crafted in California.

Do you need a pet liner for your car?

If you travel with dogs in your vehicle then this is perfect interior protection from dog hair and dander, scratches, bite-marks, drool, slobber, and potty accidents! Easy to Clean: Simply use a damp sponge or cloth to wipe down the vehicle cargo liner.


If you have an SUV or any other car you wish to keep clean no matter what, we recommend you get the Cargo Liner. We love how universal the fit of this liner is, as it allows you to move the liner from one car to the other without any issues. This is a cargo liner designed with a highly waterproof material to prevent any spills from damaging your vehicle’s interior. It comes with sidewalls and a textured non-slip backing which allows the unit to remain stable, no matter what.

This car trunk liner for cars and SUV’s can be washed via a washing machine without getting damaged. To clean it in your washing machine, ensure that the settings are placed at a gentle or delicate cycle, with the air-dry option to prevent damaging the material. Another feature this liner has which we love are the adjustable straps and buckle which attaches your liner easily onto your rear and front seats for extra security and stability.


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