DEWALT Max LED Hand Held Area Light

Is the DeWalt 20V Max work light hand held?

The light appears to be very rugged, the fit and feel is very much like my XR 20v impact driver. It has two brightness settings which helps to extend battery power. The pop-out rafter hanger is also a really nice feature. I like the semi-wide beam angle, it’s just right for what I need.

Is the DeWalt dcl044 20V Max cordless led cordless?

The DEWALT DCL044 20V max LED hand held work light features a bright LED output at 160 lumens. This work light has powerful magnet which gives the option of hands free use in multiple placements. It also has a kick stand, belt hook, hanging feature, all giving you hands free use in multiple placements. The work light head rotates 360 and pivots.

How does a DeWalt led work light work?

It also has a kick stand, belt hook, and hanging feature- all giving you the benefit of hands-free use to focus on the task at hand. The work light head of LED rechargeable work lights rotates 360 degrees and pivots.

Can a DeWalt spot light be used as a work light?

If your in the HVAC trade or just need a decent work light I think this is perfect solution and happy medium to the smaller Dewalt spot light and a corded work lamp. The only thing that could’ve been better is if the lamp portion also articulated. That way you could fold the unit over then swiveled the LED section 90 degrees.


If you’re looking for a solid, bright portable work light that is also reasonably priced, you’ve found it. The DEWALT’s handheld work light features 3 bright LED lights that can illuminate any dark work area or a job site. There are 2 brightness settings – 500 lumens and 250 lumens – which make this light sufficiently versatile, whether you need maximum light output or a long-term run time.

The DEWALT portable work light also has a pivoting head (0 – 140 degrees) so you can conveniently direct the light to whatever position you need it. There is also a built-in telescoping head and a 360 degree rotating hook for hanging,  which is also belt compatible. Since this is a rechargeable LED work light, the review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the battery  – with max 20V and 18V nominal, this light has a fantastic battery life, 22 hours of maximum run time. In practical terms, that’s about 11 hours of non-stop run time. However, it’s worth mentioning that the battery and charger are sold separately (which is usually the case with these types of LED lights).


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