Rust Bullet RBA53 Automotive Rust Inhibitor Paint

How to use rust bullet rust preventative paint?

Product description. Stop rust permanently with a quart of Rust Bullet rust preventative Automotive rust paint. A one step rust inhibitor that is simple to apply, low maintenance, super tough, high performance rust paint. Metallic grey in color. Use to stop rust for DIY, Industrial, Marine and Home and Farm Applications.

Which is the best rust inhibitor paint on the market?

Rust Bullet’s rust inhibitor paint is a two-in-one solution that not only kills rust but also prevents it from coming back to haunt you! Their rust paint is the only one on the market to hold a patent, proving that it’s unique in its class.

What kind of sandpaper to use on Rust bullet metal blast?

Rust Bullet Metal Blast is an effective product if a cleaner is required. Any rust or paint that is flaking or loose should be removed as well. Existing paint that is intact should be roughed with 100 – 150 grit sandpaper.

Where can I spray rust inhibitor on my car?

If you live in the actual Snow Belt, there are retail locations here and there that will spray rust inhibitor on your car.


First off, props on the name – if we were Pro Wrestlers, we would choose Rust Bullet as our ring name. Second, props for being a very interesting, very unique paint that is well suited for use as garage door paint.

Yes that’s right, his paint is both very interesting and very unique. No, we’re not crazy on paint fumes, because it’s actually true. This paint boasts a totally unique formula protected by no less than two US Patents. There are a number of built-in features that jumped out at us, but the fact it requires little to no prep was a big winner. Yes, clean the surface down a bit but it’s designed to pretty much just go over anything including rust.

Once it’s on it’s low maintenance too, and it doesn’t need a topcoat to add any protection. That’s going to save you time and money, both of which are things that none of us can afford to spend lightly. It’s tough too, with built-in UV protection and a promise from the manufacturer that the product won’t crack or fade.

It’s one of the more expensive paints on the list true, but you are getting a well-designed product for your money.


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