Glare Guard Polarized Car Visor Extender

Do you need a glare Guard car visor extender?

Glare Guard’s car visor extender protects your eyes, no matter what conditions there may be. Use our car sun visor as an extra pair of polarized sunglasses to reduce the harmful glare affecting your driving.

What can you do with a glare guard?

Glare Guard is your go-to for Polarized Car Visor Extenders, Sunglasses & Other Automotive Accessories. Check out some of our popular items below & visit our shop for the full catalog.

Which is the best car sun glare visor?

Below is a review of some of the best sun glare visors, together with their specifications and functions. So without further waiting, Let’s dive right in. SAILEAD Automatic Installation Polarized Sun Visor Extender for Car, Polycarbonate UV400 Car Sun Visor Protects from Sun Glare, Snow Blindness, UV Rays, Universal Fits Cars, SUVs and RVs

How does the car sun visor extender work?

[POLARIZED VISOR & CUT GLARE] Our car sun visor extender uses NASA polarizing technology to filter out the reflected light , eliminate the distracting and blinding glare that causes visual discomfort in any sunny situation. Paired with polarized tester card, you can also test the effect of other sun visors and sunglasses


As much as we love admiring sunrise and sunsets, these natural wonders aren’t helpful when we’re trying to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful rays and shield our eyes. This is why we like Glare Guard’s product: the superior polarized film blocks a whopping 100 percent of harmful UV rays by adjusting and filtering out harmful reflected light. It’s a smart way to reduce both morning and night glare while driving.

With the Velcro straps and clips guaranteeing a snug fit, you’ll barely even notice the extender’s presence after a couple of minutes. Manufactured in the United States, this durable model is practical in every way.


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